50 Ways to Act Like a Pro

09-27-2018 12:43

The times we are most stuck are the times we are closet to the breakthrough we genuinely want! 

Careers don’t always go the way they are supposed to, or at least it sometimes seems that way.  Really frustrating, right? But let’s be honest, did you really think your professional progress would always be ‘straight up’? Yeah right! That’s a drink order not a career path, friend. 

Yes, rather than experiencing the straight line, the linear trajectory ‘straight to the top’, it can feel as though we’ve fallen off the career ladder or at least that there is a rung missing! That’s okay! The whole career path notion we might have bought into during our 20’s is just a bill of goods. The straight line to the top isn’t real, but don’t be discouraged, rather, take heart and take heed.  The truth is that success isn’t ever a straight line, it’s not a rocket ship we board the day we graduate and never get off!

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